ZayPay is primarily for small priced items commonly referred to as micropayments.  ZayPay allows consumers to pay via SMS, phone call or for a good or service they purchase online. Merchants can implement the Zaypay system on their website and be up and running pretty quickly.  The purchases Network Operating Company takes the risk so there is no sign up required for the consumer.

ZayPay is available in 23 countries with SMS available in 19 when purchases are made by phone.  Most of these countries are in Europe with the inclusion of the US and Australia.  The output rate varies between countries but the output is from <30% to the highest which is 70% in the Netherlands.   It is free to sign up but most are these days.

Its a good system and is easy to integrate into your website and includes a great demo showing you how it works.  It will be tough for ZayPay to compete with Paymo due to the pricing difference but at the moment they make it easier for merchants to understand without needing to be an internet expert.

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