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Worldpay is a gateway provider that can also set up an Internet Merchant Account (IMA) for you.  You can either use a current IMA you have or you can sign up for one via Worldpay.  For an IMA, you will need to contact Worldpay directly with approval taking 7-10 days.  You need to contact Worldpay to find out how much one will cost to open as IMA transaction fee % do vary from business to business.

They evaluate your business and decide on a gateway and IMA (if required) price based on risk sector you operate in and your trading history and background.  The price of the gateway varies per country with Uk for instance having a per transaction charge whilst Australia for instance does not.

Worldpay is literally word wide and they offer most if not all currencies you are ever going to deal with so it is one to look for if you need a global solution.  Worldpay is overed by a number of banks worldwide and is a trusted provider.  It is run by a bank so does have that ‘banky feel’ although it also means they can handle large trnasaction volumes.

Worldpay is covered in the Payment Guru Calculator.

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