Trialpay is no doubt unique and if its gets a large number of affiliating businesses on board then it could be a great tool for online merchants.   It works by offering your product for free but for a customer to get your product for free they have to buy something from another provider.  They key to the success of this system is that Trialpay gets goods and services required already by the person wanting your product.

Are you confused? Thats normal because is it an interesting solution.  Ill go through an example so you understand a bit better.

Lets say you are selling online ring tones at $5 each.  Whena  customer goes to checkout, they don’t actually pay for your product but instead get shown a range of offers from Trialpay participating companies which are willing to pay you more than $5 for your customer purchasing a product or service from them.  Instead of purchasing your good, they purchase goods or services from a trialpay participating company.  The participating company pays Trialpay who then pays you.  So you are effectly getting paid by another company and your consumer gets your product for free.

Its a pretty good system and is growing fast.  It is one to keep an eye on.

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