Spare Change

Spare Change is now a part of Playspan as a result of being taken over in 2009.

Spare Change is a payment system for micropayments targeted at the social media market.  It lets users pay for small transactions a number of ways including credit card (Visa or Mastercard), mobile phone, PayPal or using your Spare Change Credits.

Launched in January 2008, Spare Change has securely processed millions of transactions for hundreds of thousands of happy Facebookusers.  Spare Change is the first integrated payments application onFacebook.  If you purchase something one facebook the liklihood is that spare change will be a way through which you pay.

If you are looking to sell an application through a social media platform then Spare Change should be in your sites.  For every dollar you get 92c back in your pocket which is pretty good for a micropayment platform.

In addition to Facebook, Spare Change is offered on MySpace and Bebo plus a heap of gaming sites.