Revolution Money Exchange

Is another online payment system for sending and receiving money started by a founder of AOL It made its online debut in December 2007 primarily via word of mouth and a $25 cash incentive to sign up. It is only available to US residence so its not useful for sites that sell out of the USA.

Basically you can pay people by their email address much like PayPal. To receive and send money you link your bank account to your Revolution Money Exchange online account, transfer money in and then sent it to someone via email. It also has a tool for sellers so you can use it as an online payment system. Currently it is free to send and receive money which is a great, how long this lasts is anyone’s guess. You can send up to $1000 per day, and not to exceed $2500 per calendar month, through MoneyExchange.

Some say that it is a PayPal alternative but in reality I wouldn’t be using it on my site yet as it isn’t big enough and there is no credit card accessibility. It will be one to watch though to see if its distribution picks up and more people sign up.

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