I like this system, it has functions like that of Payoneer and also KushCash and puts them into one.  Obopay is a system that allows you to transfer money by mobile phone from an online account you have created.  You are also able to get an Obopay MasterCard debit card linked to your Obopay account so you can withdraw money or make purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  If you don’t have an Obopay MasterCard you can just transfer fund to your bank account from you online Obopay Account.

You can transfer money to your Obopay account from your credit card or debit card or get paid by mobile from another Obopay account holder.  You can then use these funds to pay other Obopay account holders by mobile phone.  The transfer is instant and you can use it for purchases over the internet.

It has a few good functions such as being able to request money from your mobile phone and is linked to Facebook so you and a bunch of friends can sign up and pay each other for debts or from a big night out.

Obopay overall is a good system and the fees are low with it free to receive and withdraw money but costs US$0.25c to send money.  There are also fees linked with the MasterCard if you decide to take up that option. At the moment it suits consumers rather than merchants and its success will be measured by how well it staves off its competitors with the colossal PayPal nipping at its heels in terms of this type of mobile payment.

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