KushCash, launched in 2005, is a service for sending and receiving money on the web, via a mobile phone or mobile internet browser. KushCash also has social money lending and financial network features. When you start an account, you can add money which can be done via a credit or debit card. Opening an account and sending money is free, but KushCash charges 2.8% + $0.30 when adding money and $0.50 every time you receive money or withdraw money to your bank account.

To send a payment from your phone, you can access KushCash’s web site or download the mobile client. Once you’re logged in, select someone in your contact list or create a new contact and then you can easily sent money to them. KushCash’s website is also a big part of the service. Here you can create a social money network of sorts by adding friends to your account. Once you’ve added friends, you can keep track of cash sent, received and pending I.O.U.’s. If someone owes you money, you can send them a “friendly reminder” to cough up the cash.

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