DaoPay launched in October 2007 and is another system where buyers can purchase using their mobile phone by phoning or using SMS.  It is probably the most widely used phone & SMS payment system for online merchants although I would expect Paymo to supersede it due to the large difference in pricing.  One great thing about the site is its website which has recently been updated is that it is clear to understand and the commissions taken from are sale in each country are clear so you understand exactly how much you get back.

DaoPay only offers SMS payment to 15 countries (all are European countries) and so before you use it you should check your target countries to see whether you can accept SMS payment which I believe is the most important.  You can either have the payment occur on your website or direct your customer straight to DoaPay.  Like all the systems where the telecommunication company takes the credit risk on the payment, there is no sign up required for the customer which is a merchants dream really.

DaoPay uses a payout system of calculation.  If a merchant sold something in Germany they’d get 68c back from a $1 sale which is a 68% payout ratio, other  countries’ payout ratios include; USA 51%, UK – 50%, France – 36% and Spain 35%.  Most other countries are 32% which means you as the merchant get 32c if you sell an item worth a dollar.

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