AlertPay was founded in 2004 by Firoz and Ferhan Patel and has grown to offer services to member is over 190 countries, supporting 24 currencies and offers localised banking in 46 countries.  It is a 3rd party processor so like Paypal it manages the recieving of credit card transactions on your behalf without the need for a costly IMA (Internet Merchant Account).

It has a good pricing structure and offers good value especially if you recieve payments from one of the 3 million people already signed up with AlertPay.  Merchants can sign up for an account and receieve payments for free (including creditcard) if they don’t receive more than $400 per month or $2000 in total.  So for a mini campagne it could be a winner.

Like any 3rd Party Processor, numbers is the key to success and with 3 million people AlertPay has made a good start in the short time it has been around.

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