Don’t miss out on potential customers with a bad payment system

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse for an online business than if someone really wants your product but can’t purchase your product because you haven’t provided a payment method they can use.  Not having the latest technology as a payment option will cost you sales, so it literally pays to keep up to date.  Sensible e-commerce managers provide a range of payment options for customers, if they don’t they are likely missing out on sales.

Many shopping carts use a range of payment options such as Mastercard, Visa, PayPal but a shopping cart might not be the answer for everyone.  They can be hard to implement and cost money as many require purchasing or subscriptions.

Think about what your target market is?  If you want to sell to +18 year olds in first world countries then accepting credit card payments and using PayPal or PsBill might cover you just fine, but what if you suddenly wanted to sell to Indonesia or China?  or your target market are those under 18 years old.  Then you would want to make sure you have a mobile phone payment option so people could purchase your products using a mobile phone.

The ultimate end game is that you get as many people able to purchase your goods/services while at the same time keeping your merchant costs low.

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