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  • Marilyn1955bill
    I am trying to pay off our account. I tried to use the phone,but it only accepts bank accounts. I want to pay by credit card. I would like to call a phone number and talk to a live person, not some cottin pickin computer generatored voice. HELP
  • Uniquevisitorworld
    Good day.....
    can you pls tell me mode payment of service,
    how can i withdraw..?
    can i transfer fund from trialpay to paypal account....?
  • Si
    Hi there,

    Do you list UK Payment Gateways? If so, please consider listing EcomMerchant by Total Web Solutions. They are PCI Level 1 accredited and offer some of the lowest charges for a gateway in the UK today http://payments.totalwebsoluti.../

    Up to 300 transactions/month = £10.00 per month

    Anything above 300 transactions/month = £0.10 per transaction
  • dubjohnston
    Hi Habib,

    Thanks for your message. This site has been seriously neglected (it is in the plans to get it looking good and getting my calculator online which has already been built).

    I will send you and email to give you an idea of where you might start.


    Dub (ThePaymentGuru)
  • Habib
    Good day, good job for the article. I saw that you know quite a lot about sms payments by glancing at what you wrote. I actually have the dream of opening an sms payment business (I mean a company providing sms payment services) but I don't know where I should start from. Would you please give me a clue or help me by orienting my researches? Thank you.
  • Nur

    I would like to speak to you further regarding your opinion and the market potential of mobile payments, as I am in the initial stages of conducting research about it. I find your articles very useful however, I would like to find out further details. Would you be able to provide me with your contact details so that we can have a discussion further?


    Nur Izzati
    Conference Producer
    IQPC Singapore